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Buyer's Agent Services


At 1 Ace Realty Qld, we pride ourselves on our service and quality as a result, we conduct very stringent assessments ensuring that we secure properties that meet all your requirements and lead to the highest capital growth.  

As an additional service, we also offer an Auction Bidding service for customers who may not be available on the day of the auction or may prefer to utilize the services of a professional auctioneer.  


We source out properties that are/have:


1.  Sub-division potential

2. Off Market

3. Cash flow positive (Positively Geared)

4. In a Blue Chip Location

5. In The Process of Repossession

6. Unit Development Potential

7. Below Market Value

8. N.D.I.S or S.D.A Compliance

9. Medical Centers

Other duties we provide include :

  1. Negotiating with the seller on your behalf

  2. Conducting background checks on the property and area

  3. Bidding at an auction on your behalf

  4. Presenting an offer on your behalf


If you’d like to book a no-obligation, free consultation with one of our buyer’s agents please contact us now  by clicking here

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