Residential, Land & Rural Sales

At 1 Ace Realty Qld, we believe in providing our customers with an honest fee for service and a superior service with no fairy-tales.   As a result, you will not hear about:


  1.  A magical buyer who is ready to make an offer on your home, business or commercial property if you list with us (Agencies love using this to enter into the initial agreement)

  2. You will not see us listing your house above market value only to talk you down in price later (Agencies commonly use this tactic to list your property by simply telling you what you want to  hear)

  3. We have another buyer lined up (Agencies love using this when it's time to renew your agreement)

  4. We had an offer but it fell through (Agencies love using this when it's time to renew your agreement)

  5. We haven't had as much interest as anticipated (Agencies who love a good auction are renowned for this)

  6. We have the biggest database around (Agencies are renowned for using this in an attempt to list your property)

  7. This is a fair Market Value (Some Agencies love giving you an above market value on your property just to get your listing)


We offer a NO BULL service for a fixed fee, payable at settlement.  (The amount payable is based on the type of listing e.g. Residential, Commercial or Business as well as, how many properties you will be listing).  All listing will go live within 48 hrs of instructing us.


What Is Included In The Traditional Sale Service 


Social Media Exposure

Be promoted on social media ( Facebook).  We have extensive knowledge in using social media for advertising and can assist you in maximizing your exposure & thereby getting the best value for your primary asset/investment.


6 x 4 Photo Sign Board

We can organize a superb Photo Sign Board to be prepared and installed at the front of your home for a fraction of the price that other agents could charge you. 


Professional Floor Plan

We provide a professional 2D floor plan of your property to make the maximum impact on your listing. 


Listing on Various Real Estate Portals

We are constantly increasing the list of national portals in order to help maximize exposure for your listing. As a result, your property will be listed on the following national portals: (rural properties) (properties over $1m)


Your residential listing will also be published on Chinese portal for 3 months.


RP Data Property Report

You will receive a full comprehensive property report (Appraisal). The report will include your own property (if available), along with sales price data for your street and suburb spanning the last 3-12 months.  Knowing the sales history of your area will help you better understand the current market value of your property and assist in securing the right price.   Our property reports will give you all the information that you need to know in order to give you peace of mind.


Automatic Buyer Matching

Should you wish to sell your own property,  we use advanced ‘buyer matching’ technology that ensures you are automatically notified of all new buyers entering the market that are looking for properties like yours. We have developed a cutting-edge technology that allows potential buyers to save their property search criteria and then automatically match our buyers and sellers. 


Professional Photography (Up to 18 High-Resolution Photos)There is a reason for the saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. So we give you the benefit of saying it with up to 18 professional pictures.  We provide a professional photographer to make the maximum impact on your listing. 


Optional Extras Available 

We also offer optional extras such as Drone Photography, Twilight Photography, and Video as well as, 3D Floor Plans, Site Plans, Virtual Staging, a Property Staging service & Digital Decluttering.


Buyer Enquiry Alerts

Inquiry handling is one of the most important aspects of the entire sale process.  Should you wish to sell your own property, we have developed our own Automated Enquiry Handling System to ensure that all your online inquiries from various real estate websites are passed on to you in real-time without any interaction from us. This is an automated process that runs in the background and has been extensively tested to ensure no inquiries are missed. 


Campaign reports

We understand that keeping on top of your marketing campaign is very important, so we will provide you with Property Stats on a weekly basis which will show you daily and monthly visits to your advertisements.