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  1. Struggling to sell your residential or commercial property?

  2. A potential buyer or investor wanting to avoid pre-purchase pitfalls?

  3. A potential buyer or investor wondering if the property you want to buy can be sub-divided?

  4.  A potential buyer or investor wanting to maximize the value of your property through council zoning?

  5. A potential buyer or investor wanting building ideas /innovations & building cost-saving techniques.

  6. A potential buyer or investor wondering what the estimated cost would be to sub-divide a property you are about to purchase or to add an extinction?




As a result of the partnership formed with Dev Consult- Property Development Consultancy & Building Innovation, 1 Ace Realty Qld can now offer it's customers a very unique service that no other estate agency in Qld is offering. 


Initial Consultations : 


  • Pre-purchase - initial consultations:  Prior to purchasing a property for a particular use (Residential or Commercial), we can help identify required repairs, general concerns or if the property can even achieve your desired use or ideas.


  • Initial consultations on your existing property: We will help you discover & understand the full potential of your existing property; we’ll showing you how to maximize the value of your property through council zoning & town planning information, building ideas /innovations & building cost-saving techniques.


This includes identifying properties with the potential for: 


  • Subdivision

  • Residential to commercial change of use (Material change of use)

  • Units

  • Townhouses

  • Campgrounds, motorhome sites, cabin retreats, recreational holiday parks

  • B&B

  • Hotels

  • Uni accommodation

  • Etc.


Initial consultations on an intended Renovation or Extension of your existing property: 


  • Heritage or character-listed renovation specialists.

  • Up to date building ideas, innovations & cost-saving techniques.

  • Helping you identify council codes & building restrictions to avoid where possible, before starting or planning your project.

  • Comprehensive information to help guide you through your project.


Initial consultations on an intended Commercial renovation or extension:


As the law on commercial buildings is continuously updating & changing on fireproofing, disability access, carparks, work cover, equal opportunities in workplace laws, etc.; this can make a building no longer applicable or approved to its existing use (making it difficult to lease or sell). We can assist you in updating your existing building or change its use for more flexibility. This includes a commercial change of use application for other uses including; Medical Professional uses (Medical Centres, Day Surgery, Dentist Clinic, Medical specialists, Veterinary Clinic, Etc.), Early Learning centers, Aged Care Facilities, Professional Offices, Retail, etc.)


Initial consultations for an intended new build: 


Thinking of building your dream home; find out what you need to know from the beginning. We can provide you with relevant information on the steps you will need to take, by identifying council codes & building restrictions to avoid where possible before starting or planning your project. We will assist you with building ideas /innovations, building cost-saving techniques & give you guidance on things to be aware of.


Other Services include: 


Project Overview & General Development Guide Reports:


Project Overview report covers: 


  • National Construction Code (NCC) Specific Building requirements:

  • Building class for the proposed use

  • Specific building requirements

  • Requirements for disability access & mobility

  • Sound-proofing requirements

  • Fire safety requirements


Local Council :

  • Property classification

  • Zoning

  • Parking Zoning

  • Required Applications for lodgement

  • Contributions

  • Applicable Council codes during the design & planning stage

  • Overlays during the design & planning stage


State Government: 

  • Overlays during the design & planning stage

  • State-controlled roads

  • Assets, plumbing mains, main public transport nods.

  • General Development Guide covers:

  • List of Trades & Professionals to be engaged

  • Building contracts & certification requirements

  • Current repairs needed to existing building/property


Reviews & Checks: 


  • Draft Plans: As it’s always a good idea to have a fresh eyes approach on any project; we can check all your draft architectural & engineering plans for you. We endeavor to identify any errors or problems that can be seen & check measurements on your behalf.


  • Quotes: We can review quotes on your behalf & check that the breakdown details are correct & are not missing anything, pricing breakdown & accreditation of the companies that you intend to use. We will then provide you with feedback or further details required from these quotes, or can even recommended service providers if you have difficulty finding the right person for your requirements.




We can guide you through the contracts required, review contracts prior to you

        signing them & give you handy tips & ideas on how to protect yourself.


Onsite Building progress inspections: 


  • Mistakes happen all the time; finding them early can help save you money & stress. We can provide onsite building progress inspections & reports; as no general public is allowed on a building site in Queensland(including yourself), our Occupation health & safety (OH&S White Card) accredited company representatives (appropriated with personal safety equipment), can attend regular inspections at your building site on your behalf. We’ll check the progress of your project & make sure everything is where it should be & looks how it should look.


Guidance & assistance with local councils or state government applications: 


  • We can assist in outlining the requirements needed to create a “properly made application” or with responses to information requests from your local council or state government inquests.


  • This service is also for Builders wanting to get back on the tools.

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