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Investor Benefits

Unlock Exclusive Opportunities with 1 Ace Realty

As an investor, your success hinges on access to prime real estate opportunities. By becoming a member of 1 Ace Realty’s community, you gain an exclusive passport to a treasure trove of properties. Our vast network of real estate agents and developers ensures that you receive first-hand access to listings before they hit the market. Imagine securing off-market gems, hidden gems that hold immense potential for growth and profitability. Whether it’s residential, commercial, or international properties, our community opens doors to exclusive deals that others can only dream of. But that’s not all—our suite of cutting-edge software equips you with data-driven insights, empowering you to make informed decisions and maximize your profits. Join us today and elevate your investment game with 1 Ace Realty.

Members Benefits Include:

  • Flexible Membership

  • Promote your requirements to thousands of Real Estate Agents 

  • Promote your requirements to hundreds of Buyers Agents 

  • Access to the necessary software to get accurate Valuations 

  • Access to Development software

  • Access Off-Market Software

  • Access to Investment software

  • Access to Australia wide discounts. 

  • Access to Priority Pass to 1,500+ AIRPORT LOUNGES around the world.


  • Joining Fees - $299

  • Monthly Fees -$399

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