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Buyer's Agent Benefits

Buyers Agents gain access to an unparalleled platform to showcase your buyers to a vast audience. Members have the exclusive advantage of presenting their buyers not just locally, but to thousands of real estate agents, investors and developers on a global scale. This expansive reach ensures that every buyer gains maximum visibility, attracting a diverse pool of potential sellers and driving competitive bargains for your clients.

Furthermore, our service is designed to foster connections that transcend borders, creating a dynamic marketplace where deals are made with efficiency and ease. As a member, you’ll benefit from our robust network, cutting-edge technology, and expert support, all of which work in tandem to elevate your buyer's experience. With 1 Ace Realty, you’re not just getting access to exclusive stock; you’re igniting interest, closing more deals  and sparking transactions across the world.

Members Benefits Include:

  • Flexible Membership

  • Work from anywhere in the world

  • Work when you want to work

  • Access stock from thousands of Real Estate Agents and Developers

  • Access Off -Market Stock

  • Access to the necessary software to get accurate Valuations (Pricefinder)

  • Access to Development software

  • Access to Australia wide discounts. 

  • Access to Priority  Pass to 1,500+ AIRPORT LOUNGES around the world.


  • Joining Fees -   $199

  • Monthly Fees -$399

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