Frequently asked questions

Does it take long to sell a business or property?

This is dependent on many aspects such as demand for a location, the price that you are asking for your property (whether it complies with the current market value) and your exposure. As a rule of thumb, most agencies like to keep your listing exclusively for at least 3 months. The logic behind this is that they are unsure as to the time frame of selling your commercial, residential property or business. If you are in a position that you HAVE to sell straight way, then we suggest conducting the STRONGEST campaign that you can to achieve the MAXIMUM EXPOSURE you can in the shortest time possible. If this is the situation in which you find yourself, contact us for a free, no obligation discussion. If however, you do not have to sell straight away, then the time frame is entirely up to you. Whether you are in a hurry or not, it is vital that you aim to achieve the best exposure and value for money possible. The several packages we offer let you make up your mind as to what’s best for your needs.

Other Agencies are saying they have a database of buyers and they can sell my property very quickly. Is that true?

This is one of the biggest fallacies that agents promote! If you were looking to buy, would you wait for agent to let you know about a property or would you rather be actively seeking a property on portals such as and Buyers don’t passively wait for an agent to advise them about a property. They are out there actively doing their own research via the portals. By purchasing one of our packages, we will promote your business or property on various Australian portals such as,, and for one low price and it will remain out there until such time as it is sold.

When is the best time to sell a residential property, business or commercial property?

There are prospective purchasers coming into the market on a daily basis! Some purchasers need to buy straight away while some have time on their hands to find their ideal business or commercial property. Traditionally, Spring is regarded as a good market in which to sell. This is more often a myth than a fact. With more on the market during Spring, buyers have more choice, which might not be a good thing when selling your assett. The state of the economy can also have an affect on the market place: A steady economy means steady buyers and sellers. As the median price for houses goes up, more buyers enter the market. Listing with 1 Ace Realty Qld alleviates the pressure. Our, listing packages involve a once-off payment and your property remains listed until a purchase takes place. You also have full control of altering your price range to match the market, even after it's published.

Do I need a solicitor or conveyancer to sell my own property ?

It is highly recommended to use a solicitor or conveyancer and pay separately for their services. The solicitor or conveyancer’s role is to manage the risk of you getting taken to the cleaners by a buyer. They manage all the fine-print and legal documents involved in the sale of your home; and they will also be responsible for holding deposits and doing due diligence on the financials between the buyer and sellers’ banks. If you're concerned about any of the legal and documentation side of selling your residential property, business or commercial property, we can point you in the right direction to get the right advice about what you should be doing.

Why do you charge an upfront advertising fee when other agencies include the advertising?

As the old saying goes, there is nothing free in life... There is a very good chance that those agencies who are offering you free advertising are in fact giving away standard avertising which THEY RECEIVE FOR FREE from various platforms or may even be charging you for it ! It is impossible to give away Premier advertising fom sites like (as they are third party sites who will charge any agency for listing a property on their sites). Would you risk paying $2,000 to $10,000 to sell someone elses property (given that they are not forced to sell regardless of your recommendation) ?

Another agent told me that my house has a fair market value

All Agents must conduct a C.M.A (comparative market analysis) to ascertain a fair market value on your home. Nevertheless, some agents might embellish the truth and provide a much higher market value than what it’s actually worth in hopes you’ll choose to list your property with them.