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Real Estate Agent Benefits

Embark on a journey of growth and opportunity with 1 Ace Realty’s vibrant community. As a Real Estate agent, joining our network means tapping into a rich ecosystem of real estate agents, buyers agents, developers, and investors. Our extensive membership base is a fertile ground for cultivating new client relationships and expanding your business reach. With 1 Ace Realty, you’re not just joining a community; you’re unlocking a gateway to a multitude of potential clients eager for your expertise and services.

Our suite of sophisticated software, together with our database of over 400 brokers and over 500 buyers agents, streamlines the entire sales process, from listing to closing, ensuring every transaction is handled with precision and ease. This integrated approach not only enhances efficiency but also enriches the client experience, setting a new standard in residential, commercial or off-the plan sales.

By becoming a member, you’ll harness the collective intelligence of our network, empowering you to achieve and surpass your professional aspirations.

Affiliate Members Split

  •  60% / 40% Split  (For Your Own Listings) 

  •  50% / 50% Split  (For Agency Listings)

How Much Can Your Earn/Sale

















Affiliate Member Benefits:

  • Fair Commission Splits 

  • Access to Real Estate Software (See Below)

  • Keep 100% of your commission once you reach $40,000 GCI

  • Flexible Membership

  • NO Desk Fees

  • NO Claw-back

  • NO Trust Accounting

  • NO Principal or Boss

  • Work from anywhere in the world

  • Work when you want to work

  • Must sell under the 1 Ace Realty Qld banner

  • Direct access to Market Now & Pay Later (V.P.A) 

  • Access to Agent Resources used by 92,274+ Real Estate Agents Across 24 Countries Internationally.

  • Access to the necessary software to sell real estate. (Bulk Uploader, Real Estate Forms & Pricefinder)

   Join us 

Subscriptions/Software Included:


  • Before You Bid

  • Campaign Flow (V.P.A)


  • Free property advertising portals (Homely, Homes, Domain, Onthehouse, View, Realty, realestateworld, Soho, etc)

  • Homepass

  • Mantis CRM

  • Pricefinder (CMA Platform)

  • REA Forms – legal forms/documents for each state




Advertising On Global Listing Platform 60+ Countries

-  P.I  Software, etc

-  Archistar (Development Software)

   ( Join us 

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